City warrant list updated

Ponca City Now - October 10, 2015 9:44 am

If you have a Ponca City Municipal Warrant contact Sgt. Jerry Hall at the Ponca City Police Department to schedule an appointment with the Municipal Judge to arrange a payment schedule for your fines.

By calling and making these arrangements your Municipal warrant will be de-activated which will save you from being arrested in a place which you have no control of, such as a routine traffic stop, your workplace or your home.

If you do not follow through with your scheduled appointment with the Municipal Judge, your warrant will be re-activated

If your name is not on this list, and you think you may have a warrant, give Sgt. Hall a call and he will check for you.

This list was current as of Oct. 9 at 11:12 a.m.

You will need to bring a minimum of $50 to your scheduled appointment with the Municipal Judge.

For more information, cal.l Sgt. Hall at (580) 763-0579 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Bret L. Bachar Jr. Fail to Appear $25.00

Gregory G. Rath Fail to Appear $25.00

William F Doolittle Fail to Pay $54.00

Jacob A. Covington Fail to Pay $54.00

Benjamin T. Edwards Fail to Pay $79.00

Erinn S. L. Burdick Fail to Pay $79.00

Jessika A. Bryan Fail to Appear $104.00

Mikayla D. Clonts Fail to Appear $104.00

Matthew Queen Fail to Appear $104.00

Joshua C Fishburn Fail to Appear $104.00

Neal C. Bahnmaier Fail to Pay $104.00

Ashley K. Phillips Fail to Appear $104.00

Christopher C. Leierer Fail to Appear $104.00

James B Cantley Fail to Appear $129.00

Miguel A. Gama Fail to Appear $129.00

Loyd R. Mason Fail to Appear $129.00

Charles C. Waters Fail to Pay $143.00

Gregory A Brown Jr. Fail to Pay $144.00

William F Tyler Fail to Pay $149.00

Dwayne C. Anson Jr. Fail to Pay $153.00

Shawn Boyer Fail to Pay $154.00

Lisa R. Lieb Fail to Pay $154.00

Kirk P Shirley Fail to Pay $166.00

Vicki Y Solas Leclair Fail to Appear $189.00

Mark A. Trott Fail to Appear $189.00

Edith Garcia Fail to Appear $189.00

Janna D. Black Fail to Appear $189.00

David L. Thomas Fail to Appear $189.00

Lisa G. Norton Fail to Pay $204.00

Mariah L. Rhodd Fail to Pay $204.00

Misty D Huff Fail to Pay $208.00

Geneva M Brandt Expired registration $208.00

Caroline C. Keene Fail to Pay $214.00

Meagan L. Kent Fail to Pay $222.00

Rodolfo Salinas Fail to Pay $244.00

Barbara Elaine Matthews Inhaling intoxicants/trespass $253.00

Timothy A Adkins Fail to Appear $254.00

Rosetta C Arkeketa Fail to Appear $254.00

Risa C. Brown Fail to Appear $254.00

Elizabeth L Gann Fail to Appear $254.00

Adam D. Tweedy Fail to Appear $254.00

Lillian A. Pappan Fail to Pay $254.00

Andrew J. Kreger Indirect contempt of court $254.00

Ashley L. Munroe Indirect contempt of court $254.00

Colton Oneal Indirect contempt of court $254.00

Angela Botone Indirect contempt of court $254.00

Lisa G. Norton Indirect contempt of court $254.00

Margaret A. Heller Indirect contempt of court $254.00

Daniel J. Ramirez Indirect contempt of court $254.00

Ariel Mallory Assault or battery $254.00

Michelle McCoy Indirect contempt of court $254.00

Nickolas D. Cramer Indirect contempt of court $254.00

Stephen N. Harney Indirect contempt of court $254.00

Justin Fuller Fail to Appear $254.00

Josephine Begshisown Fail to Pay $254.00

Moses T Hawk Fail to Pay $254.00

Brandi West Indirect contempt of court $254.00

John Washington Indirect contempt of court $254.00

Richard Leterle Indirect contempt of court $254.00

Branden W.E. Vogt Fail to Appear $254.00

Hollis Lieb Fail to Pay $264.00

Trey K. Starn Fail to Appear $274.00

Richard A. Sharpking Fail to Pay $284.00

William P. Walker Fail to Pay $289.00

Cody L. Lovell Fail to Pay $304.00

Travis G Watkins Fail to Pay $305.00

Brandon K. Tsosie Fail to Pay $308.00

Henry J Tapp Fail to Pay $314.00

Richard T Price Fail to Pay $318.77

Ryan K. Rodriguez Fail to Pay $339.00

Bristan S. Schaeffer Fail to Pay $342.00

Michael A. Smallwood Fail to Pay $343.00

Kenneth J. Thompson Fail to Pay $351.00

Jimmy D. Pevy Fail to Pay $354.00

McKenzie D Adams Fail to Pay $358.00

Jacinda V. Grace Fail to Pay $370.00

Shayley D Arruda Fail to Pay $377.00

David Martinez Fail to Appear $378.00

Carlos Ibarra Jr. Fail to Appear $378.00

Quinton E. Coburn Fail to Pay $392.00

Joshua A. Mehojah Fail to Pay $393.00

Karmen Croley Fail to Appear $359.00

Jack L. Hargis Jr. Fail to Appear $401.00

Misty M. Gibson Fail to Appear $403.00

Bryant K. Evans Fail to Pay $423.00

Shaneika D. Criner Fail to Pay $436.00

Patrick L Kiser Fail to Pay $464.00

Suzanne D. Powell Fail to Pay $465.00

Megan N. Swinford Fail to Appear $500.00

Curtis L Henderson Fail to Appear $503.00

Tashina M. Jeans Fail to Appear $503.00

Chelsea A. Moody Fail to Pay $503.00

Danny F Weaver Fail to Pay $504.00

Bethany N. Oxford Fail to Pay $504.00

Dana M. Siebold Fail to Pay $505.00

Angela M. McCauley Fail to Pay $524.00

Lydia M. Castaneda Fail to Pay $538.00

Stephen W. Riff Fail to Pay $539.00

Rachelle L. Martin Fail to Pay $539.00

Dakota M. Cohorn Fail to Pay $539.00

Richard W. Leterle Fail to Pay $540.00

Anthony Lazo Fail to Pay $543.00

John Malaske Fail to Pay $544.00

Matthew E. Hutchison Fail to Appear $551.00

Angela R. Galindo Fail to Pay $552.00

Wyatt L. Butcher Fail to Appear $554.00

Phillip E. Burgess Petit Larceny $554.00

Coralie R. Daugomah False Info $554.00

Kassandra M.J. Anderson Fail to Pay $554.00

Denise L Epperson Fail to Appear $554.00

Antonio J Morales Fail to Pay $559.00

Shannon K. McDaniel Fail to Appear $559.00

Thomas C. McClung Fail to Pay $559.00

Bret L. Bachar Jr. Fail to Pay $564.00

Christopher L. McClung Fail to Appear $594.00

Ivy L. Delodge Fail to Pay $603.00

Bradley E Moore Fail to Appear $613.00

Jonathon K Baker Fail to Pay $623.00

Wendy S. Hughes Fail to Pay $638.00

Brandi M West Fail to Pay $643.00

Trequan D. Elston Fail to Pay $660.00

Elizabeth M Yahola Petit Larceny $703.00

Jerry D Robb Fail to Pay $739.00

Kenneth R. Kemble Fail to Pay $743.00

Amber D. Nowlin Fail to Pay $748.00

Courtney L Grant Fail to Pay $750.00

Trent G. Veasey Fail to Pay $763.00

Kenneth S. Alexander Fail to Pay $777.00

Frances J.S.A Burrow Fail to Pay $787.00

Gilbert S. Cole Fail to Pay $790.00

Roy Richard Robbins Jr. Driving under Suspension $804.00

Michael D Osterman Fail to Pay $837.00

Edward Pratt Fail to Pay $837.00

Kyle W. Leon Fail to Pay $842.00

Cody E. Whitfield Fail to Appear $844.00

Nikki A. Holt Fail to Appear $848.00

Guadalupe Longoria Fail to Pay $904.00

Tiffany R. Cross Fail to Pay $939.00

Paul C. Roughface Jr. Fail to Pay $958.00

Juanita N. Tarvin Fail to Pay $1058.00

Andre D. Crews Fail to Pay $1058.00

Kenneth A Noheart Fail to Pay $1063.00

Ronald B. Brown Fail to Pay $1064.00

Forrest S Walton Fail to Pay $1103.00

Robert M. Kidder Fail to Appear $1103.00

Holly L. Fugere Fail to Appear $1113.00

Ronald R. Butler Fail to Pay $1130.00

Ashley L. Munroe Fail to Pay $1212.00

Brandon J. Freeman Fail to Pay $1250.00

Troy L. Frye Fail to Pay $1253.00

Charles M. Miller Fail to Pay $1363.00

Louann B. Martin Fail to Appear $1387.00

Stephen D. Bohon Fail to Pay $1546.00

Dean A. Uster II Fail to Appear $1607.00

Peter A Denoya Fail to Pay $1794.00

Terry W. Bowlin Fail to Pay $1917.00

Lyle G Gillen Fail to Pay $2112.00

Donald J Williams Fail to Pay $2137.00

Leticia Salinas Fail to Pay $2355.00

Jadion C. Roubedeaux Fail to Pay $2535.00

Larry J Calvert Fail to Pay $2688.00

Bryan J Everhart Fail to Pay $2754.00

Michael D. Martin Fail to Pay $2784.00

Jerry W Klein Fail to Pay $3111.00

Jonah P. Pratt Fail to Pay $3177.00

John W. Washington Fail to Pay $3803.00

Diane C. Criesforribs Fail to Pay $4168.00

Roxanne N. Hess Fail to Pay $4455.00

Danny L. Bryer Fail to Pay $5137.00


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