City urges residents to tell legislators to vote yes on Heartland Flyer Extension

Team Radio Marketing Group - July 9, 2021 12:33 pm

Amtrak has released the AMTRACK CONNECTS US plan to grow rail service across America. This 2035 Vision identifies expansion and enhancement of corridor routes that offers economically viable, frequent, reliable and sustainable passenger train service. The 2035 Vision proposes adding 160 additional communities to the national rail network. Amtrak has identified an extension of the Heartland Flyer as an economically viable train for a connection with the Southwest Chief in Newton, Kansas that will improve the performance of the national network.

An economic analysis from Kansas University and Texas Transportation Institute has shown that an extension of the Heartland Flyer would have a positive impact on the Oklahoma economy at both the state and local levels. The extension of the Heartland Flyer is proposed to add the cities of Edmond, Guthrie, Perry, Ponca City, Arkansas City, Wichita and Newton to the schedule.

Amtrak has proposed 100% funding for the capital costs required for a new corridor development and has stated the urgent need in Congressional offices of demonstrated community desire of federally funded passenger rail service to be included in the Surface Transportation Reauthorization Act.

The City of Ponca City Board of Commissioners passed a Resolution on June 14, 2021 stating that the City of Ponca City endorses the inclusion of federal funding for the extension of Amtrak’s Heartland Flyer between Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Newton, Kansas as well as endorsing the federal funding of the Amtrak second frequency between Kansas City, Missouri and Fort Worth, Texas to be included in the Surface Transportation Reauthorization Bill. This resolution urges full Congressional Funding and passage of the Surface Transportation Reauthorization Bill that includes funding for Amtrak’s Vision 2035. Also, it urges the Oklahoma Department of Transportation to form a multi-state planning and development task force specifically for the build-out of this corridor.

The City of Ponca City urges residents to call or email your legislator to vote YES to fund the Heartland Flyer Extension!

Senator James E. Inhofe

Senator James Lankford

Representative Frank D. Lucas


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