City Offers Free Leaf Pickup

Ponca City Now - November 11, 2013 9:02 am

Fall has looked great on Ponca City with leaves shades of red, orange and yellow.

However, winter is right around the corner, so those beautiful leaves have begin to adorn our front yards.

And they just don’t create the same beautiful affect off the trees.

The city provides free leave pickup staring Nov. 18, but they ask you follow some rules.

I spoke to David Horinek, solid waste superintendent about what you need to do.

"T he most important thing for these folks to know is we really prefer that they bag their leaves, if possible," Horinek said. "If they can’t bag them then we ask them to place them within three feet of the curb, but not in the gutter and we can pick them up there.”

Leaves can clog storm drains, which can result in a citation.

They ask each bag of leaves weight less than 50 pounds and be in 35 to 50 gallon leaf bags.

Leaves need to be left in your trash collection area on your trash collection day.

And the city will pickup up to 10 bags each pickup day until Jan. 10.

Leaf collection is also available by request anytime during the year for a minimum charge of $34.

For more information on leaf collection:


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