Chilocco alumni unite for reunion

Ponca City Now - June 5, 2014 9:20 am

The students would arrive at the arch of Chiloccco and walk a mile on to campus with their suitcases. High school students lived there, worked there and went to school there starting in 1894 until 1980.

Native Americans from all over the country traveled to Chillocco, and will again this weekend. It’s the class of 1964s 50th reunion and Jim Baker, Chillocco Alumni President said they invite everyone to celebrate with them.

“With that I happy to welcome everyone in the community to come out on Friday, June the sixth and visit the campus, and see what it use to be," Baker said. "It’s still a beautiful campus although the buildings are falling, still a beautiful campus come out and visit. Have a free barbecue with the Chillocco alumna that will be coming from all over the country.”

Back in its day Chillocco was a school for Indians in Newkirk. The campus was open for 96 years, had more than 27 vocational training programs and taught more then 5,500 students. Many of those 5,500 students went on to be contributing citizens such as, educators, entrepreneurs or lawyers.

Chillocco’s campus was self-sustaining. All the students pitched in whether it be on the farm or in the bakery. Unfortunately, it came to a point where the school got too expensive to run and attendance rates dropped, resulting in it closing. Baker said the Alumni Association is still going strong and are gathering around campus this weekend.

“I also want to point out, Friday afternoon at 2 p.m. we will begin some cultural activities, such as the Powwow that will be in the event center at the First Council Casino," Baker said. "That is open to the public, and also following that afternoon session we will begin the evening Powwow session, which is free to the public and we welcome everyone to come out and enjoy the festivities.”

The evening Powwow starts at 6:30.

Chillocco is just north of Newkirk, right off US-77


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