Charges Pursued Against Wife of Geary Police Chief For Assault Over Alleged Affair

News 9 - March 2, 2023 7:07 am


The Blaine County Sheriff’s Office said investigators were pursuing charges against the wife of the Geary police chief for assaulting a woman who her husband was allegedly having an affair with, an incident that was caught on camera.

The City of Geary placed Police Chief, Cecil Harrall, on a 30-day leave while the investigation continued, said Blaine County Sheriff Travis Daugherty.

Harrall’s wife attacked a city employee – a woman who Harrall was allegedly having an affair with – outside Geary City Hall on Feb. 16, Daugherty said. A surveillance camera captured the incident, which showed the suspect pushing another woman to the ground. The attacker then appeared to say a few words to the victim before repeatedly punching the victim’s head and kicking her.

The victim appeared to cover her face and did not fight back, the video showed. The assault lasted about 50 seconds before the attacker gave the victim an opportunity to get up. As the victim was walking toward the building, the attacker threw something at her. The two women then both walked into the building together.

Daughery said a concerned citizen told him about the assault. The sheriff said his investigator then talked with the victim, who admitted she had an affair with the police chief.

“She was very open about it and said that she had been having a relationship with the police chief for approximately three-and-a-half years and apparently, the suspect got ahold of his work phone and found some incriminating photographs,” said Daugherty.

Daugherty said the Sheriff’s Office was also looking into the possibility that Harrall’s wife assaulted Harrall as well. Daugherty said although Harrall denied that his wife attacked him, he had visible facial injuries. Harrall told the investigator that he hurt himself by dropping a footlocker on his face, but the story didn’t add up, said Daugherty.

“It was not consistent with the injury sustained,” the sheriff said.

Daugherty said the Sheriff’s Office obtained a search warrant and went to Harrall’s home to retrieve Harrall’s city-issued phone for evidence. But Daughterty said Harrall’s wife told the investigator that she destroyed the phone.

The Sheriff’s Office was recommending charges of assault and battery and destruction of evidence against Harrall’s wife. Daugherty explained that, because the assault outside Geary City Hall did not happen in front of law enforcement, the case must go through the District Attorney’s Office before an arrest can be made.

Daugherty said the Sheriff’s Office submitted affidavits for an arrest warrant to the District Attorney’s Office. As of Wednesday, Daugherty said he was still waiting to hear back from the DA on whether the charges would be accepted.

Meanwhile, Daugherty said the Sheriff’s Office was waiting for more evidence to be collected to decide whether a charge of domestic assault and battery should be pursued.

Daugherty said he believed that Harrall should resign as police chief or be fired because Harrall reportedly had a history of improper behavior.

“This is not the first time that something like this has happened,” said Daugherty. “There’s information that we’re looking into that there (were) also other women involved. And I do know that OSBI has done an investigation previously on this type of behavior and it has been submitted, and I just think enough is enough.”

Daugherty said he was concerned that Harrall’s ability to serve the public was being impacted. News 9 reached out to Harrall and his wife on social media, but did not hear back as of Wednesday evening. News 9 also called Geary City Hall, but was told the city would not comment.

As of Wednesday, Harrall was still listed as police chief on the city’s website.


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