Chamber Offers ‘Words to the Wise’

Mike Seals - January 4, 2021 10:57 pm

The Ponca City Area Chamber offers the following tips to being successful:

  • Know your job – Be educated in what it takes to perform your job. Always seek to learn.

  • Put co-workers first – Always remember to treat co-workers with respect and integrity. When a job is done and done well don’t seek glory for doing what you are paid to do. Don’t have an ego, if you do this could ruin your career.

  • Be Organized – do whatever you have to do to be organized. This is critical to your career. Make a list, whatever it takes!

Do what you say you are going to do, be on time, be responsible.

  • You are the FACE of your business everywhere – Remember you are the face of your business and people are always watching you! This includes your attitude, how you act at socials, in organizations, and especially what you put on FB and twitter. We are never off the clock! If you don’t care what people think?? That too could be the demise of your career.

  • Dress professional – What is expected by my business, is how you should dress.

  • Treat Everyone Equal – Treat everyone the same! Don’t allow yourself to be in a click. Be friendly and greet everyone with enthusiasm. Make all your co-workers feel important! This will go a long way in creating support for you and will build a great work environment for everyone.

  • You must be Enthusiastic – Don’t get caught up in the negative. Be the same every day! Give 100% each day.

  • Do not Play in the MUD – NEVER EVER talk bad about anyone! If you do over time it could be your demise. Don’t take problems and issues personally. Look at the opportunity to learn from an issue and grow from a problem.

  • Be a TEAM Player – This means working with everyone, again very important to your individual career.

  • Remember – Always make sure you are the solution not the problem! This will keep your career strong!!


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