‘Carry the Load’ Honoring Fallen Soldiers for Memorial Day Weekend with Nationwide Relays

KOKH-25 - May 29, 2022 11:39 am

As many observe Memorial Day weekend and take the time to barbeque by the lake, one group is walking across the country to remind people about the true meaning of Memorial Day.

The ‘Carry the Load’ group has five relay routes nationwide. On Saturday the Midwest route made its way through Oklahoma City, honoring fallen United States Service Members while restoring the true meaning of Memorial Day.

Carry the Load was founded by two veteran Navy SEALs in 2011.

“Carry the load is an organization that brings small but impactful nonprofits such as the courage foundation, together. There are 55 nonprofit partners this year under the carry the load umbrella carry the load was started by Clint and Bruce and Steven Hawley, a couple of Navy guys, former Navy SEALs, and they just said, let’s let’s bring back the true meaning of Memorial Day. People. It’s about people who lost their lives, defending the rest of us,” said Sidney Ellington, the Executive Director of the Divine Courage Foundation.

The National relay takes place all month long and has five relay routes throughout the US.

All of them meeting on May 29th, in Dallas.

“We’ve created relays, we have five relays that traverse the east and west coast, the Midwest and the mountain states, and also the Atlantic. So we’ve actually cut we cover 20,000 miles, all 48 states,” said Midwest Relay Manager, Mike ‘Goldy’ Golden.

Those walking can choose to carry a veteran that lost their lives on their route, carrying one pound per person they are remembering, to honor them.

“I’m carrying two shipmates from SEAL Team Three. Lou Lang Lewis was my point man and delta platoon we deployed together to Desert Shield Desert Storm. He lost his life when the extortion one seven bird went down in Afghanistan in 2011. The other person I’m carrying this year is Mark Crampton. Mark, Mark and I knew each other met each other in 1990 at SEAL team three and you know he recently lost his life you know as well and the both of most patriotic Americans good friends and you know for me carry the load gives me the opportunity to memorialize both of these fine men and remember them every year,” said Ellington.

People walking with Carry the Load have one message they want to leave with the community.

“Memorial Day, you know is extra special, because it’s remembering you know, the people who lost their lives, you know, defending this great nation of ours, and whether they be military veterans or police officers or firefighters,” said Ellington.

“Each person that’s watching this, who are you carrying? Who are you going to remember on Memorial Day, take five or 10 minutes 30 minutes and remember someone,” said Golden.

Carry the Load is open to all, and if you would like to join their rally or donate click here.

The Divine Courage Foundation, who was walking with Carry the Load today, is a non-profit organization, with a mission of, fostering post-traumatic growth, restoring purpose, and transforming lives through integrative self-awareness, physical health, mental toughness, and emotional resilience, and spiritual well-being.

To learn more about the Divine Courage Foundation, and to donate, click here.


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