Ch. 6 - September 19, 2023 8:26 am

Bixby Police say they arrested a Broken Arrow Public Schools Assistant Principal on suspicion of DUI and refusing to stop for officers during Labor Day weekend.

Nicole Gorbet is an Assistant Principal at the Early College High School in Broken Arrow who is currently on administrative leave.

Bixby Police say Gorbet was driving impaired and refused to stop when they pulled her over.

Body camera footage starts by showing officers trying to get Gorbet out of her car at a stoplight.

Then, for a second time and at a second location, officers call for Gorbet to get out of her car before she backs up and drives away.

Officers are heard on the recording saying “stop” to Gorbet and directing officers back to their cars as Gorbet starts to drive away.

Body camera footage shows them at the third location. Officers call out to Gorbet again to get out of her car.

Officers are heard on the recording telling Gorbet to get to the ground.

This time, she is arrested.

The footage shows officers asking Gorbet if she’d been drinking.

“How much did you have to drink tonight?” said an officer.

“A couple of drinks,” Gorbet said in response.

Officers also asked Gorbet why she ran from them.

“Why did you run from us?” said an officer. “Why did you run from us? Why didn’t you stop? Or the times that you did stop, why didn’t you just get out of the car? Ma’am, I pulled you over at 121st and Memorial, and right now, we’re at 100th and Sheridan. What happened? Your tire was out. You kept on driving. Running red lights, going on the other side of traffic. What’s going on? Where are you coming from?”

“No clue,” said Gorbet.

The arrest report from Bixby Police shows Gorbet was arrested for DUI, eluding an officer, and obstruction.

A spokeswoman for Broken Arrow Public Schools sent News On 6 a statement that said, “I can confirm that his employee is on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation of the events surrounding her arrest. Given the potential for suit, we do not conduct on-camera interviews during a pending investigation.”

So far, no charges have been filed against Gorbet.


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