Broken Arrow Awarded Grain Elevator After Bidding $250K

KTUL - April 24, 2024 5:51 am

Broken Arrow. (Courtesy of City of Broken Arrow)

The city tells NewsChannel 8 that this grain elevator is a huge landmark here in Broken Arrow.

This one was built in 1962 and some residents say this is a part of the city’s history.

“The grain elevator in Broken Arrow, just like a lot of communities, is what I would call an iconic type structure. We are very excited. It’s become an intricate part for Broken Arrow for many many many decades,” said Broken Arrow City Manager, Michael Spurgeon.

Spurgeon learned on Monday that the City has been awarded the grain elevator that is located in downtown BA.

The landmark was put on a public auction last week and the City was one of two bids to buy it for $250,000.

Many residents say that the structure is a huge part of the city’s history and that it should be saved.

The city heard the citizens and took action.

“First and foremost, the most important thing to the city council and myself, was making sure that we preserve it and that it remains that iconic structure,” said Spurgeon. “That so many people that have lived here for many years, most of the people are familiar with it and want it to be a very important part of our rose district.”

“I think it’s huge because it’s a cultural icon. I can’t imagine Broken Arrow without those grain elevators. When I heard they were selling them, I thought oh man, I hope some how we can keep them because it would just be odd if they were gone. And to hear our city is getting behind this and they want to expand the rose district; the rose district is one of the best things that has happened to Broken Arrow in the 30 years that I have been here,” said Broken Arrow resident, Brad Farnsworth.

A lot more residents on social media are applauding the City of Broken Arrow for making this purchase.

According to Spurgeon, the Rose District already has $40 million worth of improvements in that plaza and this will add to it.

Right now, there are not any immediate plans for the elevator, but it has its eyes on another major purchase.

“In the meantime, concurrently we’ll be having conversations with the railroad to discuss the property that it sits on. As well as possibly acquiring that property and/or leasing it from them; and so we’ll have a complete package,” said Spurgeon.

Spurgeon said that the process to make the grain elevator a done deal will take about 60 to 90 days.

The city also wants to have full use of the railroad property.

Whether that’s through ownership or a rental agreement.


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