Bridgeway to Keep Corrections Contract

Mike Seals - July 20, 2020 11:31 am

After a possible threat of cancelling the contract and causing the closure of a local non-profit, the Oklahoma Department of Corrections has elected not to.

Bridgeway, a local halfway house that provides inmates with the ODOC with a residence and gainful employment, will keep their contract after the ODOC initially said they would be cancelling it.

It a statement provided to PoncaCityNow.Com, the ODOC said “the Oklahoma Department of Corrections will continue working with Bridgeway, a halfway house in Ponca City.”

“After researching the opportunities Bridgeway and the community offers our inmates, ODOC decided to retain the service of this privately-operated facility.”

This move is good news for a number of local businesses that rely on the transitioning inmates to continue operations.


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