Bonds Lead The Way In Tuesday Municipal Elections

Beverly Cantrell - October 12, 2021 7:04 am

Municipal Elections Tuesday, October 12-

Tuesday is election day for many communities across the states.

Without the fanfare of the presidential election, municipal votes will be held from Banner to Washington.

The biggest topic on the board for most communities, bonds.

There are nine school-related bonds on ballots, a proposed sales tax for a new park and other public service votes.

Here are the measures that Oklahomans will have a say on:

  1. Banner $6,200,000 School Improvement Bond
  2. Binger PSO Agreement
  3. Calvin $1,800,000 School Improvement Bond
  4. Edmond Hafer Park Sales Tax
  5. Hammon PSO Agreement
  6. Moss $1,400,000 School Improvement Bond
  7. Noble $2,725,000 Public Safety Bond
  8. Ponca City $49,750,000 School Improvement Bond
  9. Slaughterville OEC Agreement
  10. Strother $9,645,000 School Improvement Bond
  11. Timberlake $3,575,000 School Improvement Bond
  12. Timberlake $325,000 School Transportation Bond
  13. Tuttle $4,700,000 School Improvement Bond
  14. Washington $24,500,000 School Improvement Bond

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