Blackwell Mayor Facing Embezzlement, Fraud Charges Following OSBI Investigation

Mike Seals - August 24, 2021 1:07 pm

Blackwell Mayor, T.J. Greenfield, seen in a photo from his campaign Facebook Page. (TJ Greenfield - Mayor of Blackwell, OK)

Blackwell Mayor, T.J. Greenfield was issued a warrant of arrest on August 23, facing charges for embezzlement, fraud, and conspiracy.

Greenfield was co-owner of G&C Concrete until it closed in 2018. It was discovered that there were transactions between G&C Concrete and the City of Blackwell. These transactions came out to a total of $129,489.50.

G&C Concrete was paid with the city’s credit card. From June 2016 through April 2018, Greenfield was cosigning the credit card payment checks. The city council did not receive copies of these credit card statements for review or approval.

Council members said they were not aware the city of Blackwell was conducting business with G&C Concrete via credit card.

Another instance of his embezzlement is G&C Concrete’s interaction with the city of Tonkawa. In this instance, Tonkawa City Manager, Kirk Henderson, purchased materials from G&C Concrete as part of a business liquidation auction. Tonkawa then sold their earnings from the auction to the Blackwell without first taking possession of the items they purchased. This indirectly profited Greenfield.

Henderson was also issued a warrant for his arrest on the charges of fraud and conspiracy.



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