Bill Signed by Stitt to Keep Adjunct Teachers in Classrooms

KOKH-OKC - May 3, 2022 11:50 pm

A bill removing the 270-hour limit adjunct teachers work per semester in a classroom was signed into law on Tuesday by Gov. Kevin Stitt.

Senate Bill (SB) 1119 , by Sen. Jessica Garvin, R-Duncan, and Rep. Kyle Hilbert, R-Bristow, was signed into law on Tuesday, removing the 270-hour time limit adjunct teachers receive per semester.

“The teacher shortage is one of the most serious issues facing Oklahoma today,” Garvin said. “We’re working hard to figure out how to fill the teacher workforce pipeline, but those efforts are going to take some time. For now, we must better utilize the resources we have, which includes the professionals in our local communities who are willing to step up and fill these critical teaching positions.”

Adjunct teachers are educators who have distinguished qualifications in their field, such as scientists, attorneys or engineers. They do not have to meet the standard certification requirements due to their professional background, but can be authorized by the local school board to teach a subject related to their field of expertise.

At this time, adjunct teachers are helping fill more than 400 vacant teaching positions in the state.

The State Board of Education has also approved more than 3,900 emergency certified teachers in an effort to combat the ongoing teacher shortage.

“This legislation empowers locally elected school boards to hire the best-qualified individuals to educate the next generation,” Hilbert said. “By cutting unnecessary red tape, Senate Bill 1119 allows schools the flexibility to best address their classroom needs.”

SB 1119 will go into effect July 1, 2022.


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