Biden’s Fitness for Office a Concern for America, According to Poll

Beverly Cantrell - November 17, 2021 7:08 pm

White House

New Morning Consult/Politico polling shows a majority of respondents do not think President Joe Biden is a strong leader.

Biden’s health and mental acuity could be a sticking point for Americans who lack confidence in Biden’s leadership abilities. Respondents appeared to be divided, but a plurality (48%) disagreed that the current president “is mentally fit.”

Among those asked whether they thought Biden was in good health, about half (50%) said they either “somewhat” or “strongly” disagreed. At 78 years old, Biden is the oldest person to serve as U.S. president.

The president’s energy levels also appear to be of concern to Americans, according to the Morning Consult/Politico poll. The results show 60% of the poll’s respondents either “somewhat” or “strongly” disagreed that Biden is energetic.

The results of the poll were collected between Nov. 13 and Nov. 15, just days after a similar Washington Post-ABC News poll reported President Joe Biden’s approval rating had dropped again to 41%. The Morning Consult/Politico poll put Biden’s approval rating around the same mark, at 44%.

Biden's fitness for office a concern for America, according to poll photo 1

Biden’s approval numbers have consistently dropped in every Washington Post-ABC News poll since April, when his approval rating sat at 52%.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki blamed “a couple factors” for the failing numbers that came out of the Washington Post-ABC News poll, including “a fatigue from COVID.”

“We see that in poll after poll,” Psaki said of the COVID fatigue, “in your poll, in many other polls that have come out around the country. People are sick and tired of COVID and the impacts on the economy.”

Psaki also blamed Democratic infighting and congressional gridlock for the low approval numbers.

“How we have spent our time, and how our time has been consumed here, is by getting this bill across the finish line,” she clarified to reporters. “There’s absolutely no regrets about that, this is going to continue America moving again, make a fundamental difference in people’s lives. But it hasn’t allowed for all of the time we would typically be out there talking about the benefits, as the bill was not finalized – it wasn’t finished. We are looking forward and eager to do that.”

Morning Consult/Politico Polling (Nov.13 – 15) by alec on Scribd


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