Bethany Launches Incentive Package For Film Productions In Its City Limits

Beverly Cantrell - November 17, 2021 6:51 am

BETHANY, Oklahoma – News 9

The City of Bethany created an incentive program for filmmakers who shoot commercials, shows or movies inside its city limits.

The city’s economic development authority has earmarked $20,000 for the program.

“Oklahoma is quickly becoming known as a location for film making,” said Dr. Mark Privott, the chair of the Bethany Economic Development Authority. “Bethany wants to be at the forefront for that industry within Oklahoma.”

Bethany Mayor Nikki Lloyd said there are several areas of the city that could serve as a backdrop for a production, including the stretch of U.S. Route 66.

“There are already a lot of film-friendly cities in Oklahoma, which we’re really excited about. Bethany is the first to offer an incentive,” Lloyd said. “We have a lot of cool places that I think would make a really nice set.”

Bethany Launches Incentive Package For Film Productions In Its City Limits

Bethany’s program starts up as the state is working to pull in more productions.

The state is reviewing applications for out up to $30 million in incentives for film productions, according to the Oklahoma Department of Commerce.

A growing number of cities have been deemed “film-friendly” by the Oklahoma Film and Music Office.

“The City of Bethany’s new film incentive demonstrates the vast potential and historic demand for the film industry in our state,” the department said in a statement. “We look forward to opportunities to collaborate with Bethany to recruit productions to the area.”

Lloyd said the city is taking applications for its incentive program.


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