Bell ringers manage the cold

Ponca City Now - December 11, 2013 6:36 am

Although the temperatures are rising and the sun will be out, there is still a bite to the air.

Which is there most of the season that Salvation Army bell ringers are out.

Salvation Army Lt. Bradley Hargis and the bell ringers seem to manage the cold well though.

“ When it gets really cold we shorten their shifts, they don’t stand outside long," Hargis said. "Usually it’s not more than a few hours because I will go relieve them or someone will go relieve them. I went out there and stood for about a good four hours the other day it was pretty chilly.”

The bell ringers are a group of paid employees and volunteers, who ring bells in front of certain stores to raise money.

Salvation Army bell ringers have become a Christmas tradition.

Hargis said the giving mood has been extended to the Salivation Army bell ringers.

“You really realize how good and awesome people are because they are telling me all the time people are buying them hot chocolate, and bringing them scarves, gloves and all kinds of things," Hargis said. " People are being awesome to them.”

People are also generous when they empty their pockets in the Salvation Army kettle pots.

Hargis said $58,000 was raised from bell ringers in Kay county last year.

Bell ringers will be in front of Blackwell and Ponca City Wal-Marts, Ponca City Discount Foods, all Food Pyramids and other places among Kay County.


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