Beekeeping club celebrating first anniversary with workshop

Beverly Bryant - January 19, 2017 12:47 pm

An observation hive on Michael Bush's farm.

Michael Bush, author of Practical Beekeeping, will present a workshop from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 18, as part of the one-year anniversary celebration/pot luck of the Western Osage County Beekeepers Association.

One of the topic will be beginning bee keeping, local beekeeper Jeff Coykendall said.

“We’re trying to draw interest in beginning beekeepers,” Coykendall said. “The intermediate and advanced beekeepers will be addressed in other parts of the workshop.”

The beekeepers will meet at the Osage Cove Volunteer Fire Department Community Room, 57801 U.S. Highway 60 (Ten Mile or Keeler Road), in Osage County.

“It is a pot luck and the club will supply the meat,” Coykendall said. “Everyone is asked to bring a side dish.”

Tickets for the workshop are $20. Coykendall said there are several methods to purchase tickets.

“To pay by PayPal, contact [email protected]. Please include a $2 processing fee for each ticket, or pay by check or money order to P.O. Box 2044, Ponca City OK 74601. Address the envelope to Thewocba, c/o Jeff Coykendall. Please include a self addressed, stamped envelope to have tickets mailed.”

Because there are a limited number of tickets, he recommended reserving tickets by email to [email protected], call Gayla at (580) 401-3551, or call Jeff at (580) 279-7938.

“We have approximately 15 members in the club at this point,” Coykendall said. “Dues are $15 a year. Interested people can get more information about the club by attending this workshop.”

Coykendall said he and his wife started beekeeping three years ago.

“We have 10 hives,” Coykendall said.

Most are at his residence in Osage County, with one hive on an out yard on the edge of town.

In the club, he said, “We have a beekeeper with over 60 years experience, one with 11 years experience, several around five years and four or five with one year, and we have three who are going to start their beekeeping journey this year.”

Although many people may have a fear of bees, Coykendall said they are not a threat in most situations.

“A bee is only protective around its hive,” he said. “If it is out foraging for pollen you’re probably not going to have any problem with it, unless you step on it or drink one out of a can.”


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