Bartlesville Man Arrested, Charged With Attempted Kidnapping

News 6 - January 18, 2023 5:47 pm

Bartlesville Police say a man is in custody accused of attempting to kidnap a Lowe’s employee.

Bartlesville Police say Quincy Wilson was taken into custody today in Tulsa and is being brought back here to Bartlesville to be booked into the Washington County Jail. Police say Wilson was walking through Lowe’s Monday evening around 5 p.m. when he tried to grab an employee.

“Shocking, scary, terrifying, for us very uneasy, somebody just doing their job and somebody tries to kidnap them,” said Captain Andrew Ward.

Captain Andrew Ward says police believe the attempt was random and Wilson didn’t know the employee. Investigators aren’t sure why he would target Lowe’s or the woman.

“A worker, she was just kind of standing in the aisle, begins walking down, kind of grabs her hands, leads her down the aisle and she tries to pull away a little bit, and then he forcefully tries to get her outside the store,” Ward said.

Ward says earlier in the day Wilson had gone into a random business and turned the lights of an office off, and when employees opened the door, he was pulling up his pants, but Wilson was able to get away before the police got there. Ward says at Lowe’s, Wilson had a car parked close to the door out front, but says the employee did everything she could and was able to get away.

“She caught a coworker’s attention and he was able to come and help her,” Ward said.

Suspect Quincy Wilson-Courtesy: Bartlesville Police Department

Bartlesville police searching for man after attempted kidnapping  (Courtesy: Bartlesville Police Department)

Police began searching and say Wilson was taken into custody in Tulsa Tuesday afternoon. Ward says the employee did the right thing by getting others’ attention so she could get away.

“Make a lot of noise, make a lot of attention to yourself, call for help, scream, make something that would make people want to look at you and know there’s a situation going on,” she said.


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