Banner from Po-Hi students reaches Parkland, Florida

Ponca City Now - March 7, 2018 2:50 pm

The community of Parkland, Florida, asked high schools from all over the country to send any words of encouragement to line the halls of their high school for students returning to classes after the Valentine’s Day shooting that killed 17 people.

Po-Hi Special Education Teacher and Head Cheer Coach Ashley W. Campbell was contacted by Po-Hi alumnus Ginger Schultz.

“Her cousin and his wife live in Parkland and she knew I’d do whatever I could to help out the cause,” Campbell said. “She said the school was not picky about what people sent to them, they simply wanted their high school students to know our country is supportive of them and grieving with them.”

Campbell called Casey McClaskey of Legacy Signs and asked him for a banner.

“This guy is so busy that he has to turn down work sometimes, but he didn’t hesitate and told me he’d have it for me the next day.  I cannot thank him enough for squeezing my request into his work day,” Campbell said.

Campbell knew she would be gone the next day because of the State Wrestling Championship, so she reached out to Terri Calhoun, sponsor of the Friends of Rachel Club. Campbell asked her to supply volunteers to take care of the banner signing.

Campbell then sent a school-wide email asking faculty and staff to pass along the information to students.

“I knew teachers and students would be more than willing to sign, but I never expected the banner to be covered before the end of the school day,” Campbell said.  “To say I am proud of my colleagues, students, and the staff is an understatement. Our intent is for them to know Ponca City High School supports them with friendship and love.”




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