Athletic Department Announces Winter Sports Guidelines  

Mike Seals - January 4, 2021 10:51 pm

The Ponca City Schools Athletic Department has issued the following guidance and protocols for all winter sporting events and activities:

Indoor Events– Face coverings are required at all times and social distance when possible. The use of face coverings is a City ordinance as well as a district policy. Anyone who does not follow face-covering requirements will be removed from the event.  

    1. Participants, officials and coaches may remove their face covering when they reach their competition area (ex: basketball: on the court, wrestling: on the competition mat, Swimming: while in competition). When in close contact with others, face coverings will be worn by officials and coaches. All bench personnel will wear a face covering.
  • Reentry- Once an individual has entered a venue; there will be no reentry or refunds.
  • Livestreaming- Those with concerns about safety or who choose not to wear a face covering should follow online for the safety of yourself and others. Events can be viewed on (Team Radio) or Po-Hi Wildcat Media (YouTube).
  • Seats will be marked off for social distancing; this will result in limited seating. Please refrain from sitting in these areas to help us keep our student-athletes, coaches, officials, and spectators as safe as possible. (Ex. First four rows behind team benches and head table.)
  • Basketball/Wrestling/Hi-Steppers/Cheer participants will be allowed four guests of their choice. The participant will receive four vouchers prior to each event. In the event that a school-sponsored group does not attend, vouchers will not be given.
  • Basketball/Wrestling guests will be seated in the lower mezzanine. Hi-Stepper/Cheer guests will be seated in the upper mezzanine.
  • At Swimming events, no spectators are allowed due to minimal space in facilities.
  • At this time, no pre-game or post-game hand shaking, high-fives, or fist bumps between opposing teams will be allowed in an effort to reduce contact as much as possible. Please refrain from entering student area before, during, or after the game. In addition, no pre and/or post-game gatherings. Student-athletes, spectators, coaches and officials should gather their belongings and exit the facility immediately after the event.
  • Locker rooms will be accessible to teams; however, we highly recommend, for both home and visiting teams and officials, to come dressed and ready to participate for the event. Face coverings will be required in locker rooms, athletic training rooms, coaches’ offices, and any area considered outside of the playing field or court.
  • Only necessary/approved personnel will be allowed in the competition area and scorer’s table.


  • Clear all spectators between JV and Varsity games. This will allow PCPS to fog and sanitize the facilities. Approximate time will be 10 minutes. This includes seating, team benches, door handles, restrooms, equipment, etc. Spectators who have students that overlap will be allowed to reenter.

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