Arson-Murder Suspect Implicated in Another Harrah Murder

Beverly Cantrell - October 12, 2021 5:59 pm

Robert Stockton Jr., 17, has recently been arrested for the alleged murder of his step-father.

But now, new claims are being brought forward in regards to another crime Stockton might be involved in–another murder in Harrah, Oklahoma.

Stephen Courtemanche, a veteran, was found shot to death in his home on Aug. 28. There had been no leads in Courtemanche’s murder, until now.

Stockton’s ex-girlfriend spoke to investigators about Stockton, saying that he had a 9mm handgun and had recently acquired an AK-47 rifle.

According to the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) in a press conference held today, Courtemanche had an AK-47 that had been stolen from the scene of the crime.

Investigators spoke with another witness who told them that Stockton had been staying with her in Wellston, Oklahoma. The witness told investigators that Stockton had given his 9mm handgun to the newest suspect in the case, who at this time will remain unnamed.

OCSO uncovered a Snapchat video of the suspect with an AK-47 style rifle in his possession.

The suspect was arrested by the sheriff’s office and transported to the station for questioning.

The suspect waived his Miranda Rights, agreeing to speak and cooperate with investigators.

In the filed affidavit, the suspect told investigators that he was approached by Stockton who asked him to accompany him to go kill someone named Jesse because Stockton wanted to steal his guns.

However, OCSO said unbeknownst to Stockton, Jesse no longer lived at the residence, instead, Courtemanche lived there. However, there were still two rifles being stored away at the house.

Courtemanche was the only person in the house at the time of the murder, the affidavit said.

On the way to commit the murder, the suspect told investigators that the picked up an unidentified male who was allegedly an associate of Stockton’s.

The suspect told officials that the unidentified male kicked in the front door at the house, allowing the three of the males to go into the house. The three went through the living room, the suspect said, then down a hall and into a bedroom.

According to the suspect, Stockton pointed his 9mm handgun inside the bedroom and opened fire. The suspect said Stockton’s gun jammed which made him had to insert a different magazine in the gun. Once the handgun was reloaded, the suspect said Stockton resumed shooting.

The affidavit said that the suspect could see the victim, supposedly Courtemanche, lying on the floor because the television was illuminating the area.

Once Stockton finished shooting, he and the unidentified male retrieved two gun cases, removed the rifles from within them, and put them into a duffle bag.

The three then returned to Stockton’s truck and left the scene.

“In this case especially, this was one of those cases where in all accounts Mr. Courtemanche was a good man,” OCSO said in a press conference. “The family didn’t deserve this, he certainly didn’t deserve this.”

OCSO said in the press conference that there weren’t any strong leads to go on in Courtemanche’s case.

“There wasn’t any one suspect that we could point to and say ‘yeah, that’s the person we believe did it,'” OCSO said. “We didn’t know exactly why Mr. Courtemanche was killed. Now, the family can finally have some answers and hopefully some closure.”

At this time, Stockton has not been charged in association of the murder of Courtemache. Investigators say the claims of the suspect are being investigated further.

The suspect has been charged with murder in the first degree and was transported to the Oklahoma County Detention Center for processing.

Robert Stockton Jr. being put under arrest by the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office for alleged murder of his step-father. (Courtesy: Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office)



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