School board leaders honored

January 14, 2014 12:00 am

January is school board recognition month.

Ponca City board members were presented with certificates of appreciation from the Oklahoma State school boards association.

They also receive gift baskets from the Ponca City high school student council, cookies and treats from Woodland’s staff, along with handmade cards from students across the district.

Dr. David Pennington, superintendent said this is a time to say thank you.

“Ponca City schools is joining with other districts throughout the state to recognize the important contributions school board members make to their communities,” Pennington said. “this is the time to say thank you to school board members for the tough decisions they make, their commitment to receive board training on their own time and working tirelessly for the future of our kids. School board members voluntarily tackle the enormous job of governing school districts while still preserving priorities for school budges and speaking out for the best interest of all children. Their tireless efforts play a significant role in the continuing success of students. Most people don’t fully understand the scope and far-reaching implications of board members’ responsibilities. They are the local communities voice in it’s schools.”

In Ponca City school board members must develop policies and make tough decisions.

They bear responsibility for an annual budget of more than $36 million, 5,300 students, 775 employees and 48 buildings.

The statewide theme is School Boards Make a World of Difference.

This event is celebrated by local and career tech school districts in Oklahoma.

There are 2,700 elected school board members.