Roosevelt summer reading celebration

October 10, 2014 12:00 am

Roosevelt Teachers organize a a summer reading program for students each summer. During the summer the Roosevelt library is open twice a week for students to check out books and participate in special activities. The Ponca City School Board said this summer they had a science, math, art and fitness night.

At the end of summer the students turn in their reading log from the summer. If they met their reading goal, they are invited to attend a special reading celebration field trip, which took place yesterday.

This year the Pre-K and Kindergarten students needed to read 60 books over the summer to qualify for the trip. Students in grades first through fifth needed to read 800 minutes. More than 90 Roosevelt students met this goal. The students traveled to Stillwater and enjoyed visiting Fitness Zone, a park and completing a bus tour of the OSU campus.

The School Board said summer reading is an important way to encourage students to maintain their growth as readers and enjoy reading with their family.