Roosevelt Staff & Students Raise Money

October 24, 2013 12:00 am

The staff and students at Roosevelt Elementary School presented the Ponca City Humane Society with a gift of $300 from monies raised from the 2nd Annual Cawley Challenge. The Cawley Challenge (named after Aaron Cawley, a 5th grade teacher at Roosevelt Elementary) was started in an effort to help raise money for Mr. Cawley’s medical expenses following a serious car accident. Roosevelt Principal Ronda Merrifield challenged each student to run at least three miles. Most of the students met that challenge and many of them ran even more – including Dennis Hudson who ran 18 miles.

After the amazing response received through many generous donations by the staff, students and community, they decided this would be a wonderful event to continue on an annual basis. They wanted to keep it a charitable event and felt it was appropriate for Mr. Cawley to choose the organization in which to donate the money raised each year. This year, Mr. Cawley chose the Ponca City Humane Society.