Ponca City Sees Dramatic Increase In Graduation Rates

November 14, 2013 12:00 am

Cap and gowns are becoming more in style in Ponca City.

Graduation rates have increased 18 percent in the past three years.

Only 64 percent of students graduated in 2011, this year 82 percent of students are graduating.

Dr. David Pennington, school superintendent said they have made a concentrated effort to raise graduation rates.

“We have been very focused on that for the last four years," Pennington said."It’s something that has been a long time problem in our district, so we put a lot of resources and effort toward making improvement in that.”

Pennington said a combination of things generated the increase.

The school begin an in-school tutoring program, they have a ready by 21 coordinator that works with at risk kids, the alternative program and better record keeping.

Pennington said getting your high school diploma is not the end, it opens the door for more opportunities.