EXPLORE Test Awards Given at East Middle School

November 11, 2014 12:00 am

*EXPLORE Test Awards Given at East Middle School*

The administration at East Middle School is proud to award eight students for their accomplishments on this year’s ACT EXPLORE Test.

The EXPLORE Test is the first part of a testing system that goes on to include the PLAN Test and the ACT Test. Typically, students take EXPLORE in the 8th grade, PLAN as Sophomores, and the ACT as Juniors or Seniors. All three tests use the same format and test students in English, math, reading, and science. However, the material tested in each program gets more difficult.

The following students were honored for obtaining high scores in a particular area of the test. Matthew Otto was awarded for having the highest overall composite score and math score. The highest score in English was obtained by Gianna Alvarez, Jeffrey Crossland, Dylon Fahs, and Logan Powelson. In science, the highest score was obtained by Joshua Fairbanks and Alyssa Podurgiel. The highest score in reading was obtained by Kolton Rahlf. East Middle School congratulates these students on their outstanding achievements. For more information on the EXPLORE Test, go online to www.explorestudent.org.

BACK ROW: Joshua Fairbanks, Logan Powelson, Matthew Otto, Dylon Fahs
FRONT ROW: Alyssa Podurgiel, Gianna Alvarez, Kolton Rahlf, Jeffrey Crossland