Animal Testing Laboratory closes, more than 200 dogs and cats rescued from experimentation

KTUL - February 16, 2024 6:30 am

The nonprofit rescue, the Beagle Freedom Project (BFP), closed a massive animal testing laboratory in Nowata.

For decades, this 30-acre property has been used as an animal testing laboratory.

But as of Tuesday, February 13, the Beagle Freedom Project took over the property, shut down the laboratory, and rescued more than 200 dogs and cats from cruel experimentation.

With this closure, BFP has shut down one-third of the flea and tick product testing industry, ending decades of cruel, toxic experimentation, and sparing thousands of dogs and cats from purpose breeding and future testing.

“This is a historic action because this has never before been done where an animal testing facility has been closed down and then transformed into a rehabilitation center and sanctuary,” Shannon Keith, President and Founder of the Beagle Freedom Project said. “And we’re excited to tell the world this is possible.”

BFP is transforming the space where these animals were once held captive, into a rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption center.

They will call it “Freedom Fields.”

At Freedom Fields, the rescued animals will receive medical care, food, a safe habitat, and freedom to roam and play, all of which they were deprived of their entire lives.

Not only will rescued animals from Oklahoma be transported here, but animals from across the nation.

Freedom Fields is undergoing extensive renovations but will soon be available for private tours and animal meet and greets to carefully match each animal to foster and adoptive families.

For more information on the Beagle Freedom Project, you can visit its website here or find them on social media at the handle @beaglefreedom.


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