A Ponca City business draws attention

Ponca City Now - January 6, 2014 6:55 am

Decorated with wine bottles hanging from the overhang and a piano out front for those musically inclined.

UnWINEd is a misfit in town, which may be why Galen Culver of News Channel 4 took the trip out.

Culver is known for his is this a great state or what segment, which is scheduled to feature UnWINEd tonight.

However, be flexible news can change, Culver said it will depend on his other stories.

Melody Young, UnWINEd owner said this isn’t a stroke of luck.

“Kim is a girl I went to high school with, and we have been friends forever," Young said. "She came here for our class reunion this past summer and has been obsessed with this. She goes to church with someone who works for Channel 4, so she has been bugging them I think since July.”

And there is a lot to be obsessed with.

UnWINEd has painting classes, bike nights, watch parties and live music.

Of course, supported with wine, beer, cocktails and food.

Although, UnWINEd is not your typical Ponca City bar it seemed to be a missing puzzle piece to the town.

“I just really wanted something Ponca City didn’t have," Young said. "I wanted a place where I could go. A place I wanted to do. My husband and I would go out to eat and I would be like I wish there was somewhere I could go, and I don’t want to smell like smoke and drink some good wine. So, I just really opened something I wanted to go to. Little did I know I would be here so much."

Running a bar may be harder than Young bargained for, but she isn’t stopping.

She hopes this statewide attention will bring in customers for lunch, catering, whatever they need.

Culver’s is this a great state or what segments is scheduled tentatively for tonight at 5.


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