A few Poncans will be much richer tonight

Ponca City Now - December 19, 2013 6:36 am

Today a few Poncans will be much richer.

Our DJs will be live starting at 6:30 tonight preparing you for the Community-wide Holiday Giveaway.

If you have one of the more than a million tickets given out you will want to take not of the rules Rich Cantillion, Chamber of Commerce president explains.

“Thursday night starting at 7 listen to Team Radio and we will be giving out four $500 prizes, two $1,000 prizes and one $5,000 prize," Cantillion said. "If you hear your ticket on the radio you have five minutes to call the chamber and say ‘I have the ticket,’ and then up to a certain amount of time depending on where you live to present the ticket at the Chamber, Fifth and Grand Avenue . You have to do both things to win. If you just showed up with your ticket and you didn’t phone the chamber you wouldn’t win.You have to first phone the chamber, then present it here at the Chamber office.”

Also our stations are doing an exclusive giveaway.

On both stations the DJs will say a secret word.

And the specified caller, who calls at the specified time with the right secret word will win $1,000 in Chamber bucks.

The Chamber has perfected the Community-wide Holiday Giveaway.

Changes were made this year to fix the problems they had last year.

Such as, businesses not having to keep half the ticket and doing away with the numbers in the paper.

Cantillion said the bottom of their hopper almost dropped out because the tickets were so heavy last year.

And ticket collectors were missing out on free money with the numbers in the paper.

“Last year we had 40 tickets in the paper," Cantillion said. "We only had 17 collected. We thought we need to do something that reaches more people. So, we thought about actually going out to businesses and randomly picking people actually shopping Ponca, and awarded $50 in Santa Bucks.This year we had an additional 80 winners, which we are really excited about.”

They called it the Santa Buck Surprise and plan to continue that for years to come.

With the Santa Buck Suprise they gave out an additional $4,000.


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