News 9 - November 15, 2023 5:59 am

Dr. Conrad Markert, 94, has been practicing medicine since 1960.


In the small town of Stroud Oklahoma is an American treasure, and he has been taking care of this town for literally generations.

When the residents in Stroud get sick, they visit the emergency room, with the expectation of seeing one specific doctor. “It’s my life and I enjoy every minute,” said Dr. Conrad Markert, Stroud family physician.

Dr. Markert has been practicing medicine since 1960, which would make him…“I’m ninety-four,” said Dr. Markert.

Yep, ninety-four years young and better now than ever. “I tell you what happened, four years ago I had a stroke, and the medicine they gave me made my mind better,” said Dr. Markert.

Not only is his mind better, but so is his vision. “I used to wear glasses and now I don’t wear glasses, I can see the “D” on a dime,” said Dr. Markert.

In his over sixty years as a physician, he’s done almost every type of surgery and procedure. His favorite procedure is delivering babies. “The fun-est part was delivering babies, and seeing how happy people were before they used to know what they were,” said Dr. Markert.

He admits he has gotten pretty good at it. “I’ve delivered about three thousand, a little over three thousand babies in my lifetime,” said Dr. Markert. “The famous quote is Dr. Markert delivered the whole city with his own hands,” said Chief physician and medical director Vishal Mundra.

To the younger doctors, he’s a true inspiration. “Physicians and other providers, nurse practitioners, nurses can learn the work ethics that Dr, Markert has shown,” said Dr. Mundra.

His advice to younger physicians? “It’s a privilege to take care of a person, some doctors haven’t realized that, but it is a privilege to really take care of people,” said Dr. Markert.

How much longer will he continue taking care of people? “I’m not stopping, as long as they let me,” said Dr. Markert.


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