52-year-old Man Arrested After Allegedly Making Several Bombs at His Workplace in SW OKC

KOKH - December 9, 2022 6:32 am

52-year-old Troy Lee, arrested December 2, after building bombs at his workplace in SW OKC (Courtesy: OKCPD)

Oklahoma City police arrested a 52-year-old man after he allegedly made bombs at his place of employment.

On December 2, police received reports of an explosion coming from a transient camp in the 3800 block of 27th St.

When at the camp, officers found a damaged wooden dog house with items inside that were consistent with a homemade explosive device.

According to court documents, while at the transient camp, officers heard a loud explosion coming from a warehouse located at 3731 SW 29th St.

Officers say they went to the warehouse where they found more items consistent with a homemade explosive device. While trying to contact the person responsible for the warehouse, Troy Lee opened the shipping overhead door of the warehouse. When he saw officers, he quickly shut and locked the door.

According to court documents, officers brought in a police K-9, believing a burglary was in progress. The K-9 entered the warehouse and was able to locate Lee hiding behind a large sheet metal panel.

Lee was taken into custody after officers found out he had an outstanding arrest warrant in Minnesota.

Lee told officers he worked at the warehouse. Once police got ahold of the owner of the warehouse, he confirmed that Lee worked there, the affidavit said.

Police returned to the warehouse on Dec. 4, where Lee’s employer allegedly told officers he had found illegal narcotics that he believed belonged to Lee.

According to the affidavit, the owner asked police to search Lee’s workspace for other items of illegal contraband.

While at Lee’s workspace, officers said they found a stolen handgun and found items consistent with the manufacturing of explosive devices. OKCPD contacted their bomb squad to come and examine the items.

The OKCPD Bomb Squad determined Lee’s workstation contained an IED (improvised explosive device) manufacturing lab, including six completed IEDs and six additional IEDs in the process of being constructed.

Lee is facing four charges, including the possession and manufacturing of an explosive device.


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