4 Okmulgee Men Have Been Missing for Four Days, Search Continues

News 6 - October 13, 2022 6:23 am


Okmulgee Police are searching for four missing men who were last seen by family on Sunday.

Okmulgee Police said Mark ChastainBilly ChastainAlex Stephens, and Mike Sparks were all reported missing on Monday evening.

Chief Joe Prentice said the men were believed to be together. He said hey visited a salvage yard west of Okmulgee, then stopped at a Murphy’s gas station, before stopping at a different salvage yard near Schulter, where Mark Chastain’s phone either died or turned off.

“At this point, the evidence tells me I have four missing adults, I have no evidence there’s any violence involved at this point, we always consider that a possibility in any missing persons case and we’re not discounting that possibility, but not persons of interest,” Prentice said.

Two of the families said the four men are close friends, and this is unlike them to not come home or call.

The families of Mark Chastain, his brother Billy and their friends Alex Stevens, and Mike Sparks are hoping someone knows where they are.

Jessica Chastain is Mark’s wife. “Mark was supposed to be home Monday to watch our daughter because I started a new job. And Mark would never, never. He’s always there for us. Always,” she said.

“I don’t want to think the worst. I have hope,” Chrystal Parker said.

Parker said she and Mike just got engaged earlier this year. The last time she saw him was on Sunday.

“I seen him Sunday about 3:30. I knew he was going to hang out with his friends. That’s all I knew,” she said. “He texted me about 3:45 and asked me where I was. And I texted back, I told him I was with my daughter and that was, he didn’t ever text back.”

Jessica said she and her husband have two kids, and said two of the other men have children too.

She hopes if anyone has information, they will think of the children and tell police.

“He said, ‘Mama, Uncle BJ and dada’s on TV. Look there’s Mike too.’ And then he turned around and he said, ‘I hope my dada’s not dead.’ And then my daughter just looked at the TV and said, ‘Dada, Dada,’” Chastain said.

Parker said she has faith the four men are together and alive. “I just want him to come home,” Parker said. “And know that we love him and that wherever he is, I hope he’s safe.”

Parker said she plans to print flyers with the men’s pictures and post them around town.

“They just vanished without a trace. It’s not – and I don’t understand. This is not possible. They’re four grown men,” she said.

If you have any information, call the Okmulgee Police Department.


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