3 Suspects In Custody After Attempted Armed Robbery At Broken Arrow Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Beverly Cantrell - October 27, 2021 9:28 am

BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma – 

Three men are in jail accused of robbing Broken Arrow dispensary employees at gunpoint. Police say the store owner was in the back when he heard the commotion and immediately called the police.

One of the employees tells us it was terrifying. He says the three men forced him to put cash and marijuana into bags. But, because police were called so fast, when the robbers ran outside, officers were already there waiting for them.

Desmond Caldwell, Jayce Smith, and Michael Espinosa are the three men who have been arrested accused of robbing Buzz’n Cannabis Company. An employee says they were just five minutes from closing when the suspects ran into the store.

“As soon as I come out of the bathroom, there is a guy with a mask on and he has a pistol pointed at my face. He said get over there with that other employee,” said the employee.

Police say one of the suspects had a real gun and another had an airsoft gun.

“They walked us to the back and said open the safe, open the safe,” said the employee.

The employee says he told the suspects he didn’t have access to the safe and little did they know, the store owner was in the safe and on the phone with police.

The employee said: “They threw the bags at us. Just some bags that they brought. They said put all the money that you have in the register and put all the weed in there. All the weed you can get, put it in the bags.”

The employee says he did whatever he was told to stay safe.

“I was really worried,” he said. “I thought about my future. I was like holy crap I have a lot to live for. I’m only 18 years old, I have a long life ahead of me.”

He says he’s just thankful police got there so fast and the store got their stuff back.

“You know, Johnny on the spot. They got there quickly, they worked safely, they worked together as a team to get three suspects in custody who are armed.” Officer Chris Walker with Broken Arrow Police said.

All three suspects are currently in the Broken Arrow city jail for armed robbery and will be taken to the Tulsa County jail.


3 Suspects In Custody After Attempted Armed Robbery At Broken Arrow Medical Marijuana Dispensary

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