2021-2022 Ponca City High School Course Selection

Mike Seals - February 21, 2021 9:28 pm


Ponca City High School students will begin the process of selecting courses for the 2021-22 school year beginning February 23rd. During the week of February 23rd, incoming seniors and juniors will be meeting with their counselors during their English class in the Assembly Center. Incoming sophomores will meet the following week, March 1-5, during their English class.

Prior to meeting with their counselor, students will watch a short video and will be given a course selection form to review with parents. Students will need to bring their course selection form on the day they meet with their counselor. (Course selection video)  (Course selection form link)

Class of 2022 (Incoming Seniors)

February 23rd- February 26th (begin this week, it may carry over to the next week)

Class of 2023 (Incoming Juniors)

February 23rd-February 26th

Class of 2024 (Incoming Sophomores)

March 1st-March 5th

Class of 2025 (Incoming Freshmen)

March 8th-March 12th

Counselors are working with East Middle School to formulate a plan for course selections and more information will follow.

St Mary’ and First Lutheran students- More information to come regarding Ponca City High School course selection.

Students planning to return to Ponca City High School from Ponca City Virtual Academy or those enrolling for the first time from homeschool or charter schools, can complete this form and a counselor will contact you regarding course selection.

The link below is the course catalog that contains information and courses that your students can choose from. (2021-22 Course catalog link)

If Ponca City High School moves to Distance Learning, counselors will be contacting students by phone during the week assigned to their grade level. Please make sure your phone number is correct in PowerS.


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